Jun. 24th, 2010 06:54 pm
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Do people even use that acronym? The only place I've seen it is in that AIM icon of olden times.

Anyway, if you are still here, that means that you must have shut your windows and your hearts to the unfriendly, careless outside world, which is filling up with stupid, idiotic ones and silicon-powered thingamaboogers (including the computer on which you're reading this).

Awesome. You have chosen a great time to make your soul as hard and sharp as the exterior of a rhinoceros. It may be too soon to deem you as such, but I shall encourage you by stating that you are now among the ranks and classes of the Keen, the Perspicacious...the Outstanding...the Elegant.

Now you just need to be on your way to overstock your mental basket with 漢字! a glacial pace, though, because I think I'll do these only once a week?

窗 (chuāng)
  • window

  • a place where someone can study

口 (chuāng kŏu): a window

玻璃 (chuāng bō li): a windowpane

座位 (kào chuāng zuò wèi): a window seat

疏 (shū)
  • sparse, a few

  • unfamiliar or unfriendly

  • careless

  • to remove obstructions

  • coarse

  • (shù)
  • to explicate

懶 (shū lăn): lazy

遠 (shū yuăn): to alienate or be estranged

(xī shū): sparse

醫生失 (yī shēng shū shī): medical malpractice

盈 (yíng)
  • to fill

  • to become full

把 (yíng bă): a handful

虛 (yíng xū): ups and downs

率 (shì yíng lǜ): PE (price-to-earnings) ratio

盈盈 (xiào yíng yíng): full of smiles

癡 (chī)
  • idiotic

  • silly, foolish

  • to be besot

男 (chī nán): a man blinded by love

漢 (chī hàn): a simpleton

情 (chī qíng): infatuation

矽 (xì)
  • silicon

犀 (xī)
  • hard and sharp

  • a rhinoceros

牛 ( niú): rhinoceros

角 ( jiăo): a rhinoceros horn

疇 (chóu)
  • fields

  • previously

  • a class or category

類 (chóu lèi): of the same category

日 (chóu rì): in the past

(píng chóu): level farmland

睿 (ruì)
  • keen, wise, perspicacious

  • profound

智 (ruì zhì): superior intelligence

秀 (xiù)

  • brilliant, excellent, or outstanding

  • elegant

麗 (xiù lì): elegant, or fine

異 (xiù yì): striking, outstanding, awe-inspiring

(zŏu xiù): a fashion show; to walk the runway

獨人 (dú rén xiù): a one-man show

籃 (lán)
  • a basket

球 (lán qiú): basketball

(kòu lán): a slam-dunk


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